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Located on Old Hidden Vale Station, the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre is dedicated to the breeding, research and teaching of our threatened and vulnerable wildlife. The Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre works to support resilient functioning ecosystems across a connected network of properties and the broader region, where key species and processes are restored, land use is sustainable and people are connected with nature.  Your welcome to take a tour of the wildlife centre to see first hand the work our researchers and university students are doing for the threatened and endangered species in this region. 

Koala Safari

Rated in the TOP TEN of native wildlife experiences in Australia by traveller.com.au

Koalas are under serious threat in south east Queensland. On our 12,000 acres at Spicers Hidden Vale we have a thriving koala population covering much of the property. Led by Dr Andrew Tribe the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre is currently conducting a 12-month koala research program and you have the opportunity to contribute.

The safari starts with a tour of the wildlife centre before moving to the first koala hotspot, from here you will experience seeing our researchers locating and checking the welfare of the koala community. Since 2018 we have tracked over 25 koalas and who have bred a number of joeys to bolster our koala population. 

On the tour you will learn interesting facts about koalas, the habitat and how we are trying to build the population with hopes of reintroducing koalas to specific areas across the region. This genuine eco experience is truly unique and not to be missed. You’ll need to book well in advance as numbers are strictly limited. 

A Wildlife Centre Tour is included with each Koala Safari

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